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Billing Options

There are many non-cycle bill settings in Powercode. Please head to Admin Mode > Config > Billing to change these values.

  • Allow Invoice Charge Editing – Should users be able to edit or delete charges that have already been invoiced
  • Allowed Invoice Preference – lets you select what invoice preferences (email/print/both) should be offered for selection.
  • Auto-Activation Requires Full Payment – If this option is turned on, the customer must pay any balance owed to resume service once disconnected
  • Automatically Change Expired Cards to Manual Pay – This option will automatically change expired credit/debit cards to manual pay if they are on Autopay.
  • Account Activation Invoice – If turned on, this will automatically create an initial invoice once the customer account changes to active.
  • Automatic Pro-Rate – Turn pro-rating and on or off. Pro-rating applies when a customer status is changed from pre-install to active for the first time.
  • Billing Period and Pro-Rate Calculation – Define how the billing period and pro-rating is calculated when the customer has a fixed day of Bill Due Day.
  • Delinquency Late Fee – Configure a One-Time charge to customers when they are late on their bill payment.
  • Manage Cut-Off Days – Select which days that a delinquent account can be cut off.
  • Late Fee Application – Should the late fee be applied when the bill due by day is reached or when the grace period ends?
  • Minimum Late Fee Amount – What is the minimum balance a customer should have before a late fee is applied?
  • Minimum Shutoff Amount – Auto-Shutoff will not occur unless a customer’s balance is above this amount.
  • Minimum Credit Card Amount – Credit Card payments must be above this amount.
  • Minimum ECheck Amount – ECheck payments must be above this amount.
  • Currency Symbol – Set the currency symbol used by the billing system, default “$”.
  • Credit Card Retry Count – How many times to retry charges before giving up.
  • Charge Accounts On Bill Due Date – Wait to charge on-file automatic accounts until the Bill Due Date.
  • Default Tax Zone – Choose a Default Tax Zone to be populated during the “Add Account” wizard.
  • Force Account ID Length – Require all account IDs to be a specific length.
  • Payment Methods Automatic by Default – Payment methods automatic be the default description
  • Show Billing Notes – Choose whether to allow billing notes to be added to a customer.
  • Warn on Overcharging – Warn the user when charging an amount higher than the customer’s current balance.
Updated on August 18, 2021

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