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Powercode BMU – Tools

The Tools navigation entry has seven subnavigation entries available – Ping, Traceroute, DHCP Leases, Customer Lookup, TCP Dump, SNMP, and IPerf.


The ping option allows you to ping a remote device. The ping responses will be displayed in real time.


Your standard traceroute utility, also displayed in real time.

DHCP Leases

If you have any dynamic DHCP ranges configured in Powercode, IPs assigned in these ranges will be displayed here. You will see the IP address, MAC address, expiration and hostname (if available).

Customer Lookup

View the stored configuration for a specific customer in the BMU.  (Upload/Download, Bursting information, Account Status, any assigned IP Addresses, as well as whether or not they are in Contract Redirect.)

 TCP Dump

TCP Dump utility which also includes fields that can be utilized to filter by interface, source/destination address, and/or source/destination port.


The BMU can perform SNMP queries.  Specify whether it is a Walk or Get, the Version, target IP Address, OID, and Community string.


The BMU can act as an IPerf Client or Server to test network throughput.

Updated on June 16, 2021

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