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Guarantor Accounts

When you have multiple accounts or locations that need to be billed as one, you can use the Guarantor account feature to create a relationship between the accounts.

When charges are created on the Guarantee(child) account, either manually or during automatic billing, they will be transferred automatically to the Guarantor(parent) account. The charges will be labeled with the name of the Guarantee account in the Transactions table and on the customer invoice.


  • If the parent account goes delinquent for non-payment, any child accounts will also go delinquent.
  • Prepay months are not currently compatible with the Guarantor system. If you need to use prepay with Guarantor or Guarantee accounts please contact Powercode support.

Create a Guarantor/Guarantee relationship

Go to the Billing tab of the account you want to set as the Guarantee and click the green Add button.

Add the Customer ID or click the spyglass icon to search by name and choose whether you would like to transfer the existing balance on the Guarantee account to the Guarantor.

Existing Guarantor/GuaranteeĀ relationships can also be removed or edited from this location.

Individual Services

While the default is for all Services on a Guarantee account to be paid by the Guarantor account, it is possible to exempt individual services from this relationship.

On the Services tab of the Guarantee account you will notice a column labeled Paid By Guarantor. Clicking on the links in this column will allow you to toggle whether the service is paid by the Guarantee or the Guarantor.

Most additional adjustments when setting up the account can be accomplished using existing one time services, and custom credits and debits links on the billing tab.

Updated on June 18, 2018

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