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Billing and Payments – ACH Processing

ACH setup can be found under Config > Billing and Payments > ACH Processing

Please note that you can only enable EITHER ACH Processing OR ECheck Processing!

ACH Processing allows you to add bank accounts as the customer payment method in Powercode. Each time a transaction is run against a bank account, you will have an option on the home screen of Powercode to generate an ACH batch. This batch file must be generated and provided to your bank in order for the money to be transferred to your account. Each bank has a different method of performing this transaction.

The options are as follows and must be entered in the format required by your bank:

Some ACH formats may require differing fields. Please ask your bank what is required for nonstandard fields.

ACH Bank Routing Number — The routing number of your bank account.
ACH Your Account Number — The account number for your bank account.
ACH Bank Name — The proper name of your bank (e.g. Chase or Royal Bank of Scotland)
ACH Your Tax ID Number — Your tax ID number.
ACH Your Company Name — The company name on your bank account.
ACH Description — A description for these transactions – your bank may require something specific.
ACH Batch Dollar Limit — The maximum amount a batch can be generated for. If there is no limit, you can enter a large value like 99999999.
Bank Draft Format Type — Ask your bank what format they use. If you do not see your format listed please contact Powercode support and provide an example batch as there are variants of several formats.

Once you have ACH set up, every transaction using ACH as the payment method will create a log within powercode which can be batched into an ACH batch file from a link on the home page or the ACH report on the Reports page under System Reports, downloaded and sent to your bank.

Updated on April 30, 2020

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