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Guarantor Accounts

When you have multiple accounts or locations that need to be billed as one, you can use the Guarantor account feature to create a relationship between the accounts.

When charges are created on the Guarantee(child) account they will be transferred automatically to the Guarantor(parent) account. The charges will be labeled with the name of the Guarantee account in the Transactions table and on the customer invoice.

If the parent account goes delinquent for non-payment, any child accounts will also go delinquent.

Creating a Guarantor/Guarantee relationship

To Create this Relationship, head to the Billing Tab of the Guarantee account.


On the left side towards the bottom of the screen, you will see a Guarantor Section and a Guarantee Section. This will show any parent or Child accounts associated with the account you are on.

Click the green Add button to add a Guarantor account.


  • Current Guarantor – Displays the Customers current Guarantor if there is one
  • Guarantor Customer ID – Here you will input the ID of the parent account. You can also use the blue magnifying glass to search by name
  • Transfer Balance – if checked, the current balance of the Guarantee will be transferred to the Guarantor

Individual Services

While the default is for all Services on a Guarantee account to be paid by the Guarantor account, it is possible to exempt individual services from this relationship. Head to the Services Tab of the Guarantee Account.

image.png You will notice a column labeled Paid By Guarantor. Clicking on the links in this column will allow you to toggle whether the service is paid by the Guarantee or the Guarantor.

Updated on June 16, 2021

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