Server Setup

Below are the recommendations for server specs based on the number of active subscribers in Powercode.

Subscriber Count CPU Cores RAM
0 – 150 4 8GB
151 – 500 6 12GB
501 – 800 6 16GB
801 – 2500 8 32GB
2501 – Contact Support

Hard drive capacity can be calculated by figuring 500 MB/ Active Customer In Powercode (Minimum 150 GB)

CentOS 7

Can download an ISO –

Powercode Staff will need credentials for a User with root access to perform the install of the Powercode Software as well as for support purposes throughout your use of the product.

Network Requirements

Please make sure these IP addresses are whitelisted in your firewall rules. They are the only IP’s Powercode will be coming from. – Licensing Server IP – Support IP

Necessary Ports – the following ports are required to be open for full Powercode Functionality:

80 – Customer Delinquency Redirection
81 – Contract Redirection
443 – Customer Portal
444 – Employee/Admin Portal
446 – Contract Portal
447 – Installer Mobile Portal

Installation of the Software

Once the server is all set up with CentOS 7 installed, please send the information necessary for Powercode staff to SSH into the server to . We do require user-based authentication, not key-based. So we will need the IP, username, and password. Powercode will then take care of the installation and reach back out to you once it is complete. This is typically done the same day provided the credentials are received prior to 3 PM CST.

Please let us know the domain pointed to the server as well so we can make sure all redirects go to the domain as opposed to the server’s IP. Once the domain is taken care of, we will then take care of the SSL Certificate using Certbot by Lets-Encrypt to set up automatic renewal so you will not need to worry about the SSL expiring!

Updated on June 16, 2021

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