Webhooks can be found under Config > System Configuration > Webhooks.

Webhooks allow Powercode to supply information to Slack and other external applications even without a specific integration. The data is sent via an HTTP POST in JSON format to the specified URLs an Event is linked to inside of Powercode.

An Example Use Case

To send all incoming Twilio SMS messages to Slack, you would:

  • Choose the send Event: Twilio – Customer Replies
  • Click the blue + button to add a destination URL.
  • Select Slack as the Application Type.
  • Name the Destination URL according to your channel name.
  • Get a Slack channel URL by following the instructions Slack provides and enter it in the Destination URL field.
  • Save the URL and click Add Web Hook.

Once this is set up a Slack notification will appear in the chosen Slack channel every time a customer replies to the Twilio SMS number.  The slack notification will contain a link to the customer page, where the full SMS conversation can be read and replied to.


Documentation on existing Powercode webhooks are stored here.

Don’t see what you need? Send us a message at support@powercode.com and we might just be able to help you.

Updated on January 23, 2020

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