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Powercode BMU

  • Powercode BMU – Home

    All users that have access to the BMU can access the home screen. This screen shows CPU broken down by...
  • Powercode BMU – Interfaces

    Clicking the interfaces tab will give you six subnavigation options: Physical, VLAN, Dummy, Bridge, ARP, and Shared Networks. Physical The...
  • Powercode BMU – Logging In

    To access a fresh BMU, set your computer to with a subnet mask of Connect your computer to...
  • BMU Overview

    Navigate to Network -> BMU Overview. Click in the action column and select Configure BMU. You will be presented with the BMU...
  • Powercode BMU – Quickstart

    Initial BMU Setup Power up the BMU. Connect a computer to the Ethernet port labeled 0 (eth0). Set your computer to