Dropbox Backups

To enable Dropbox Backups, head to Admin Mode > Config > Backup Settings > Remote Backup Settingsand follow these steps:


  • Make sure Remote backups are enabled and the Backup Method is set to Dropbox
  • Click “Get Authorization Code”. This will bring you to a login screen to grant Powercode access to your Dropbox

Login to your account or create a new one





  • Grant Powercode access to save backups to your account by clicking “Allow”
  • Copy the authorization code that Dropbox generates
  • Paste the Authorization Code in Powercode in the “Authorization Code” field
  • Enter / (forward slash) for the Remote Path. Currently, this results in Dropbox creating an Apps/Powercode Remote Backups folder if one does not exist. Your backups will be found there
  • Save settings
Updated on June 16, 2021

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