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Outbound Email

Outbound Email can be found under Config > Outbound Email.

Powercode sends emails out for billing, ticketing, mass emails and more.  Your Powercode Billing server comes packaged with a basic internal email server, useful for testing and basic startup.

We recommend acquiring and connecting a third party server to relay mail. Due to limited configuration options on the internal mail server and increased email scrutiny by major email services including new IPv6 formatting we cannot guarantee the internal server will reach all clients, even if there are no external problems.

  • Sending Method: Internal Server or  Remote SMTP Server. When set to Internal Server below options are hidden.
  • SMTP Server: The address of your mail server.
  • SMTP Port: The SMTP port specified by your third party email provider.
  • SMTP Encryption: The encryption protocol supported by your third party email provider.
  • SMTP Authentication:  Set to Yes unless your email server SMTP connection does not require a password and username. If set to No it hides credential fields.
  • SMTP Username: The username for your third party mail server. This may differ from the email address for your third party mail server, even if you can log in with both.
  • SMTP Password: The password for your third party mail server.

Test Email

This allows you to send an email through your current outbound email for testing purposes. Powercode will attempt to use whatever From Address you enter. If your server does not have authority to send from that email address, sending may fail.

Updated on December 26, 2018

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