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Sales Commissions

Sales Commissions can be assigned by editing Users under Config> System> WebUsers.

Here you may set the percentage or flat total Commission on a monthly basis when this user is set as a Sales Person for each Service that you sell. This is set per Service on each User and defaults to 0 for all Services.

The Sales Person is automatically set to the User who creates the account within the Employee Portal. If a webform is used to create the Customer account using the API or Towercoverage Integration, the API command or Towercoverage integration dictates the entered Sales Person. 

Once a Customer Account is created, the Sales Person can be changed from the Services tab of the Customer Overview by any account with the Sales Person Permission set to Edit level.

To change the Sales Person click on the blue Sales Person name in the top-right corner and select the desired Sales Person from the list.

After Sales Commissions are set up, the Sales Commissions report pulls resulting Sales Commission totals for a given time period for each of your users.

The Sales Commissions report shows Sales Commissions from charges assessed via monthly billing during selected dates. The initial billing and any proration will not be calculated for Sales Commissions.

Sales Commissions will continue to accrue on a monthly basis for all customers a user is listed as the Sales Person.

Updated on February 4, 2020

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