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Install – Job Templates

Navigate to this page by visiting Items -> Install -> Job Templates.

A job template is a template that defines the parameters for a scheduled job.

You can addedit and delete job templates from this page. The parameters of a job template are as follows:

  • Template Name is a unique name simply used to describe the template.
  • Minutes is the number of minutes this type of job will consume in the schedule. It must be entered in increments of 15.
  • Type of Template is the type of job this is – either an install, service call, disconnect or other.
  • Completion Template is the template that will be presented to the technician upon completing the job if they are using the mobile interface. These templates are defined under Items -> Install -> Completion Templates.
  • Limited To Specific Techs allows you to designate individual technicians that this job template can be scheduled for. If this is not checked, this type of job can be scheduled for any technician.


Updated on June 28, 2018

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