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Voice Services – International Rates


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This page allows you to define the cost of your international calls.

The default cost per minute for minute for international calls can be configured by clicking the Default International Rate link at the top of this page.

Below this is a button labeled Add New International Rate.

With this option you can create a named list of calling prefixes and prices that will overwrite the default international rate.

All rates may be adjusted by the a customer’s voip service.  The  :
fixed = (rate + fixed amount)/minute
%  = (percentage of rate + rate)/minute

As of version 17.12.04 and prior, importing International Calling Rates from .csv files will overwrite all existing internatoinal calling rates. The ability to selectively overwrite is planned but not yet implemented.

It is also possible to import rates from a .csv file. The .csv file must contain rows with descriptive country name, the intended rate and the calling prefix. Make sure the information in the import contains all international rates you need it to. Once the import is completed previous rates will be overwritten.

Once the file is uploaded with the Browse button and the three row positions are entered into the page the new rates can be imported.


Updated on December 28, 2017

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